PyCon Turkey

Sep 26, 2020

About Us

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PyCon is a global event brand for Python programming language users that organized in over 40 countries each year. In 2020, It will be organized in Turkey for the first time. Over 350 people of speakers, attendees will be hosted from both local and other countries.

The aim of PyCon Turkey is to announce our Python Istanbul community to the world, as well as to strengthen the Pycon culture in our country.

Organized by Python Istanbul and Bogazici University Computer Engineering Department

PyconTR will be organized by Python Istanbul community which is one of the largest Python communities in Europe and MENA with more than 9000 members and Bogazici University Computer Engineering Department.

Total of 100 Weekly Meetings

Imagine a community which meets up every Tuesday in supporter company offices, to create an opportunity for members to ask questions and share their information. These meetings are open for everyone from Python newbies to experienced users.

A Diversed Community from Day One

Our community is welcoming all people who are interested in the Python programming language.

Since 2015, DjangoGirls (which is a free programming workshop for women) organized in 8 different cities in Turkey more than 15 times by Python Istanbul community members.

Supporting Other Communities

The PyIstanbul community provides logistics, speakers and much other support to many events in Turkey. Some of them are available in the list below:



Diversity helps us having different perspectives, seeing all possibilities and having a wider viewpoint. We do what it takes to diversify our team, attendees and speakers to include everybody.


We value transparency, and care about being upfront and visible about the actions we take, which makes our actions visible in the eyes of everybody and let us see if those actions are consistent with our values, giving us a framework for continuous integration with our values.


We are seeking a wide consensus in our actions and hear each other, always keeping in mind that we are a team. If you want to go quickly, go alone, If you want to go far, go together.

Environmental Responsibility

We care about the environment, and we are doing our best to contribute to a greener planet. We will focus on reducing our carbon footprint throughout the congress.

Organization Team

Yiğit Güler
Main Coordinator
Berat Doğan
Finance Team Coordinator
Aybüke Özdemir Kaya
Finance Team Member
Halil Kaya
Marketing Team Coordinator
Hacer Nur Yanaral
Marketing Team Member
Selen Parlar
Marketing Team Member
Gönül Aycı
Speakers Team Coordinator
Atakan Güney
Speakers Team Member
Batuhan Osman Taşkaya
Speakers Team Member
Çağıl Uluşahin
Speakers Team Member
Fergal Walsh
Speakers Team Member
Oğuz Albayrak
Speakers Team Member
Üstün Özgür
Speakers Team Member
Yasemin Gürcan
Speakers Team Member
Kenan Subaşı
Venue Team Coordinator
Mehmet Özdemir
Venue Team Member
Gökmen Görgen
Accessibility Board Coordinator
Onur Güzel
Accessibility Board Member
Kemal Soylu
Ecology Board Member
Efe Öge
Financial Aid Board Coordinator
Elif T. Kuş
Financial Aid Board Member
Öykü Gümüş
Financial Aid Board Member
Yeşim Başaran
Financial Aid Board Member
Ahter Sönmez
Nikita Türkmen
Murat Emir Cabaroğlu
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Arzu Cengiz
Logo & Branding
Can Göktaş
Website Design
Özge Oldaç
Graphics Design
Yeşim Güler